5 key takeaways from the Queen of live selling

She affectionately calls her customers Divas, and they call her Queen. Queen is the owner of women’s apparel online shop LeDiva SG, and she sells anything you can think of– apparel, lingerie, hats, accessories, and even cosmetics.


Being a live seller for the past 3.5 years, Queen runs LeDiva with the support of her two children and has a few thoughts to share. We recently sat down with her to understand why she enjoys live selling, the challenges she faces, and why adopting a live selling software like Upmesh boosted her live selling business. Here are 5 key takeaways.


Takeaway #1: Live selling is on the uptrend

Queen was first introduced to live selling because she was an active buyer and noticed many people were participating. “I was an active buyer on many Facebook live selling sessions. I noticed an uptrend for live selling and decided to try it,” quipped Queen. 


3.5 years on, and Queen has never looked back. In fact, having had two boutiques in the past, live selling has rekindled her passion for business. Now, she’s always on the lookout for inexpensive and good-quality women’s items for her customers and regularly holds live selling sessions on Facebook to meet rising demand.


Takeaway #2: Live selling enables you to reach out to a vast audience

 “One of the best things about live selling is that I can talk to so many people at one go!” Queen exclaimed. Indeed, one of the biggest advantages of live selling is that you sell your products to hundreds of customers. With comments streaming in real-time, you can also immediately address any concerns they may have.


Takeaway #3: It’s not always rainbows. There are challenges when it comes to live selling

There are three key phases in live selling– pre, during, and post. Each stage comes with its own set of challenges.

  • Pre: As Queen is in the business of women’s apparel, there is a lot of measuring and ironing of clothes– two things Queen doesn’t fancy doing but has to. There is also a lot of packing and inventory management behind the scenes.
  • During: Before signing up with Upmesh, Queen’s children would manually track orders in the comments in the back-end while she hosted the live stream. However, it’s easy to miss orders with comments coming in at lightning speed. She shares that customers would think she was biased and choosing customers. 
  • Post: Billing used to be a problem before Upmesh came into the picture. Everything was manual and time-consuming. For example, there would at times Queen would be unsure of the exact orders whenever they had customers with the same name. Billing and invoicing were also manually typed out. She also had to deal with customers who over-order and cancel and ghost buyers.


Takeaway #4: A live selling software saves administrative work and frees up time 

The biggest benefit since using a live selling system for Queen? Freeing up time for herself and her children. With Upmesh’s billing system, Queen saves time trying to find customer names and deconflicts customers with the same names easily. She used to take up to 5 days to complete invoicing and billing, but with Upmesh, which automates the process and consolidates all the essential details, she can start delivering orders on the first day.


She’s especially thankful because it also saves time for her children. “I’m happy. There’s less burden on my children now that a lot of the administrative stuff is not a concern. Everyone is more relaxed, and we can focus on other things like replying to customers’ direct messages,” Queen elaborates.


Takeaway #5: Managing live orders and inventory is now a breeze
One of the biggest headaches Queen used to have was tracking live orders. But Upmesh’s system now easily tracks her orders during live streams as comments are captured as orders instantly, preventing Queen from missing any orders. Customers have feedback that ordering now is easy, and they’ve also received their parcels in time!


Inventory management is now seamless too. “Inventory checks are now so easy, and we can reply to customer inquiries about stock quickly now. Before Upmesh, it used to be so troublesome to check these details,” Queen explains. Previously, she had no idea how much stock they had and always had to manually check it. But Upmesh keeps track of everything incoming and outgoing instantly in one user-friendly dashboard so that you have an overview of what you have anywhere, anytime.


Last Words

So would Queen recommend Upmesh to live sellers? “Yes, of course! Even if you have to pay for it, it’s a blessing to have Upmesh.” Queen affirms


Join Queen and benefit from the best of Upmesh’s tools to take your live selling business to the next level.

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