Increase viewers: Quick successful ways to market your live stream

Have you ever wondered how some sellers rake in large swamps of viewers to their live streams consistently? 


We are here to tell you that there is no special formula! What will help you get there is lots of experimentation with a variety of channels and creative ways to amplify your live stream. 


We also need to stress the importance of monitoring and measuring the success of these marketing strategies. Understanding which methods work and don’t will help you channel your resources effectively and optimize your time. 


So if you’ve a live stream prepped to go but you need the viewers, we share some easy ways to market your live stream!  


Get the basics up and running first


Before we dive into some of the key tactics, let’s talk about the basics you absolutely need. We are talking about having your business’ official Instagram handle and Facebook pages up and running. Having your own website is a plus, but it isn’t crucial as you can position yourself as a social-led business. So what kind of content do you need? Here’s a non-exhaustive list. 

  • About us: This consists of 2 or 3 sentences that addresses who you are, what you do, and the overall purpose of your business 
  • Contact Information: Ensure you leave an email alias where potential customers or clients can reach out 
  • Other details: Here you can also indicate how often you intend to do your live streams, and even your opening hours.

These basics are critical because it establishes credibility to your business and helps customers trust you. 


Get some eyeballs, but be patient 


Don’t be discouraged by the small number of viewers initially. Building viewership and engagement takes time as long as you are always experimenting with new formats and channels! However, one of the best ways to get some viewers interested in your live stream is by joining social media groups and online forums. You can also send personalized messages on WhatsApp or Telegram group chats. For example, you can check out here to join some Telegram channels to promote women’s apparel you are selling on your live stream!


Talk about your live stream way in advance 


If you are planning to do a live stream the next day but you haven’t spread the word about it, we’re going to stop you right there as you are likely in for a big disappointment. It’s crucial to first make some noise about your live stream on social media. You can do so in a few ways: 

  • Set up an event on Facebook. Include your live stream’s date, time, topic, and invite your followers up to a week in advance. Set calendar reminders that will notify attendees about the upcoming live stream closer to the date of the live stream. 
  • IG Stories: Promote your live streams on a quick 15-30 second Instagram story video to give your customers a preview of the products you are selling. If you are holding any giveaways, be sure to mention that in your video as that attracts customers. You can also add it to your Instagram bio! 


Don’t underestimate meaningful partnerships 


Whether you choose to do a cross-collaboration with another brand or an influencer, leveraging their followers can help you build yours too. This is one of the most effective ways to get more viewers, especially if your partner has a strong following. However, there must be an incentive for them to partner with you, and the partnership should be meaningful and aligned with your brand values. Otherwise, you won’t be maximizing the partnership’s full potential! 


Be creative with your live stream flow and format

The live stream experience is the most exciting bit, but it is often the one that also makes or breaks your customers’ impression. You risk losing viewers if it’s too mundane or if the format of the live stream isn’t as interesting. With a live streaming software, you could overlay your live streams with images and texts to call certain products out. You could also pin your product list to give viewers a comprehensive view of the products you’d be sharing. Don’t forget that you can also cast on both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously! These are just some of the creative ways you can explore during your live stream! 


Be patient and monitor progress


Tracking the progress and effectiveness of each method will ultimately help you decide where to focus your energy and resources on. Use one method at a time, and evaluate if your followers or revenue increases respectively. 


So there you have it, some quick ways to help you get started and market your live stream! Don’t hesitate. Take the leap and use these methods to get the ball rolling.

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