3 Things You Should Not Do When Live Selling

Live selling is a new, exploding trend. Though there are no doubts over its lucrativeness, live sellers often find themselves stuck in situations where they don’t know what to do.


Not having a list of do’s and don’ts, they make mistakes that ruin their business.


To ensure that you don’t fall into the same traps, we have explained the three things you should NOT do if you want your live selling business to blossom.


1. (Don’t) Antagonize Trolls and Joy Bidders
When you start your live selling journey, you will bump into non-serious people who are commenting on your videos for fun. They can be teenagers who are only active on Facebook to troll others. Or you may find a very enthusiastic buyer who bade only for fun and won’t pay later.


Believe me, it’s frustrating to see such people destroying your live stream. And you, like all other live sellers, feel the urge to name and shame such people. But you should not. Let me tell you why.


First, it looks unprofessional. Instead of focusing on those few non-serious persons, look at your actual buyers. Engage with them and respond to their queries.


Also, there have been instances when the Facebook live sellers called out such joy bidders and were, later, ashamed to know that the buyer had an actual reason to delay the payment or cancel the order.


What the seller lost? A customer and their reputation.


How to Respond To Them?
Now, you would ask yourself, “How to deal with such people?”


As for joy buyers, they may not be interested in buying but are interested in your product (s). So, give them some time. Chances are they might purchase something from you in the future or recommend you to their family and friends who are real buyers.


Talking about trolls, they are there just for attention and fun. So, the best way to deal with such people is to ignore them. They will try to provoke you a couple of times more before moving on.


If you’re unable to keep your shirt on, consider how those comments increase the engagement of your Facebook live stream. As a result, Facebook’s algorithm will push your live video to people’s newsfeed.
So calm down, these meddlers are your promoters.


2. (Don’t) Compete On Prices
If you think you can be a successful live seller by selling catchpenny products, you couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody buys anything just because it’s cheap. They buy it because it’s useful and unique.


If you offer prices lower than the ones in the physical market, people may ask themselves, “How come they sell that so cheap?”


Remember, people are still not willing to trust online sellers so easily. And offering goods at low prices will make them more suspicious. Thus, don’t compete on prices but on the value.


What to do then?
The only answer is to price your products fairly and get unique products. Something that wows your customers. If you’re selling the same thing that people can find everywhere and anywhere, why would they prefer a new online seller?


One aspect is that you should build your unique value proposition around your products, their benefits, and your personality. A UVP built around price will not last.


Don’t forget: The benefit of live selling is that you can capitalize on impulsive buying. People don’t look at prices when they are awed (unless it’s way too high). So, instead of selling cheap stuff, sell great stuff.


3. (Don’t) Overstock Products
The next thing to avoid is to overstock products in the live video. First, it looks messy and distracts viewers from the products you’re actually displaying.


Second, it shows that you have plenty of stock, so your potential buyers don’t rush to order. Remember, live selling is more of a limited edition kind of deal. If you can’t induce the fear of missing out, you’ll miss out on tons of sales.


It’s a psychological fact that scarcity creates the urge and rush to buy. You may have noticed big brands like Apple and Starbucks coming up with limited edition products or online stores displaying “only 4 left” tags.


The purpose? To create urgency and influence people to buy.


How to Get It Right?
You may not want to lie about your stock, but you can show a single product on camera and say indefinite phrases like “limited stock available” or “limited edition”.


So, instead of dumping all the stock in front of the camera, offer product exclusivity, and sell more.


Bonus Tip: Engage With Your Audience in Real-Time
Engaging with your customers may not seem as important to you, but it is- especially when you’re selling live. Since live stream supports two-way communication in real-time, so your audience expects you to respond to them.


Interacting with your customers keeps them glued to your live video and makes them feel valued. By engaging with them, you can solve their problems, offer your advice, and build lasting relations. People liked to be mentioned in live streams. If you don’t, you may turn them off.


If your live stream has a decent number of viewers, you might get a host of comments which distract you from the actual show. To solve this problem, consider keeping a 5 minutes Q&A session at the end of your live stream. Alternatively, you can appoint an assistant who replies to generic questions and notes down the important ones for you to reply to later.


Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, here is a comprehensive live selling guide that will simplify the entire process of live selling for you.


Making mistakes is human. So, don’t fret; you’ll make some. But, as long as you avoid the ones discussed above and keep learning from your mistakes, your business is destined to thrive.


Want to avoid these mistakes and make your Facebook live selling easier and fuss-free? Contact us now.

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