5 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Early Live Selling Audience

Getting the first few followers on your Facebook page is, by far, the most challenging part of building a loyal audience.


Once you grab those 50-100 organic followers, your page gains traction, and it becomes easier to grow your following.


To help you get your early audience, we have shared some tips and tricks below.


Join Local Facebook Live Selling Groups
If you’ve done a bit of research, you would know that there are dozens of huge live selling groups on Facebook. Tens of thousands of people are part of these groups where they buy and sell live. 


And luckily, there’s a function on Facebook to share with these groups with a single click. So, whenever you go live, share your video to these groups and start getting instant viewers. 


To use this method of acquiring viewers, search “live selling group + [your city]” on Facebook. Select the relevant ones from the search results and join them. Some of these groups have strict rules, so read and follow them or you’ll get removed. 


Joining live selling groups has two key benefits. First, it helps to grow your audience significantly. Consider you’re part of 5 Facebook live selling groups, each having 10,000 members. Imagine the number of customers you can grab by sharing your stream to these groups. 


Second, the viewers from these groups are more likely to buy. So, even if you get only a handful of people from these groups, the conversion rate will be much higher. 


To help you get started, here are a few live selling groups for the Singaporean market. 

SG Live Sales Group

Singapore Online Live Auction

SG Online & Live Shopping Clan


Build the Hype Before You Go Live

If you go live without informing your followers beforehand, chances are some of them will be busy and miss your Facebook live session.


To make sure that most of your audience watches your stream, schedule your live selling session in advance and let your followers know at least 24 hours before you go live. This will also give you plenty of time to promote your upcoming live stream through all your social channels.


A better approach is to know when your audience is active on Facebook and go live in those days and hours. You can head over to Facebook Page Insights to see when your fans are online.


Another great way to create the hype is to tease your audience with half or blurred pictures of the unique product you will sell in the next stream. Or tell them about the special discount you’re going to offer. This way your followers might inform their friends about your Facebook Live before it even starts and bring more viewers with them. 


After building the hype, optimize your video’s title and description. A catchy title along with a thorough, keyword-rich description will let your audience know what to expect in this live session, building up their interest and curiosity.


Also, Facebook’s algorithm will understand the topic of your live video and will push it to the interested people’s newsfeed.


Host Simple, Small Giveaway
We all love free stuff, don’t we? So won’t it make sense to give your products away for free and make your audience love them?


Apart from bringing excitement, giveaways help you create stronger bonds with your customers and boost their trust in your brand. Especially in the digital space, a giveaway is a brilliant way to attract eyeballs.


Running giveaways do not require heaps of money. You can set aside a few items from your stock for promotion. This little investment will help you multiply your audience and get tons of sales afterward.


Although you can host a boring giveaway, it won’t do your business as much good as a fun-filled game-like campaign. To get the most out of giveaway marketing, get a little creative.


For example, you have planned to giveaway 10 bracelets. Now, ask your followers to upload the picture of their favorite jewelry piece on their story, tag your page, and comment “#done”. Besides adding fun, the entire process will give exposure to your brand.


Get Your Early Audience to Like and Share
The more your videos get shared, the more viewers you will get. Simple, isn’t it?


Thus, interact with your existing audience and make them feel special, so they become your ambassadors. Or else getting likes and shares will become difficult. 


Live selling audience, generally, is quite supportive and happy to promote your business. Most of them will share your video at your single request. 


By posting valuable yet entertaining content, you can get more likes and shares naturally. If you sell seafood, you can reveal a secret seafood recipe or invite a local chef to your live stream. This may look like a hassle, but one viral video can bring you hundreds of viewers.


Other than sharing, ask your viewers to opt for Facebook Live notifications so they know when you go live next time. 


Get Help from Your Social Circle
You have a social media profile and so do your friends and family members. So, a simple way to increase your viewers is to seek help from them.


All you have to do is to ask your connections to like and share your live video. When your friend shares your video, it will show up on the newsfeed of their Facebook friends (your 2nd-degree connections), creating a snowball effect.


When your friends are watching your video, they will also help you improve your selling skills. 


Without a solid strategy, all your efforts to build your audience will go in vain.


Thus, use proven methods to grow your customer base and make your live selling business successful in no time.


Since you’re starting out, you won’t want to make mistakes early in your journey. So, read about the three things you should avoid at all costs when selling live.

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