Is there a good time to try live selling?

Lights, camera, action! Live selling is arguably the most exciting and immersive form of online shopping. There are lots of questions, comments, talking, and emojis all happening simultaneously. 


It’s so exciting that people are jumping onto the trend.  In fact, we spoke with the Queen of live selling to find out more about her experience as a live seller. 


Live selling is an effective tool to boost sales and increase your customer base, and there is no fixed way to use it for your business. But as with every new tool, there are burning questions like, “Can live selling help my business?”, “Is there a good time to do it?”, “Are there drawbacks to live selling?” 


If you are seriously considering live selling to support your business or are just curious to find out more about this rising phenomenon, stick around as we will answer some burning questions.


What are the advantages of live selling?


The reasons are plenty, but live selling ultimately bolsters customer engagement, increases your customer base, and boosts sales. But how does live selling achieve all that? 


Live selling is a highly immersive and interactive customer experience. As a live seller, you aren’t just speaking to one person but hundreds of people at a time. Comments stream in real-time, and you can answer questions immediately. To top it off, sellers can gamify the experience by introducing games, giveaways, and polls.  


If you’re thinking of bringing in a new product, live sessions allow you to conduct dip-stick tests with customers. Tease customers by previewing the product and asking more questions about their preferences. Here, you can get a sense from customers if they genuinely like the new product or not. 


With Facebook and Instagram, their algorithms help promote your content as you post more content or host more live streams. The longer you live stream, the more eyeballs you get too. 


With enhanced customer engagement, more customers better understand your product and are inclined to purchase. Live sales in Southeast Asia increased by 13 percent to 67 percent in the first half of 2020 alone. 


Are there cons to live selling? 


Hiccups are sometimes inevitable during a live stream. Technical glitches, blurry videos, lagging, and warped sounds are some of the issues you may encounter. Unfortunately, such obtrusive problems can ruin the experience, and you may risk losing potential buyers. To mitigate this risk, always ensure your internet connection is stable, and the device you are using to live stream is top-notch! 


If you are just starting live selling, you may fumble around with your words and perhaps even drop the device that you are using to record. If this happens, don’t beat yourself up over it! Take a deep breath and play it off. These things happen and are entirely normal. Even the most experienced sellers do this. This is all part of the live streaming experience, and people generally don’t mind it as long as the overall experience is smooth and entertaining! 



Is there a good time to try live selling? 


You can start live selling anytime, but it all boils down to your objectives and resources. Before jumping straight into it, sit down and write your goals and business priorities. Are you looking to expand your marketing channels? What do you want to achieve from live selling? What are your core priorities in your business at this moment? Do you have the capacity to do it, and if so, how often can you do it to ensure it yields results? These are all valid questions to help you ascertain when it might be a good time to try live selling.  


If there’s any advice we can give, it’s baby steps. Start small and slow and gradually scale up. There’s no need to invest in a tonne of resources from the get-go. 


Parting words


I’m sure you may have many more questions about live selling. So why not check our blog for more useful content about tips to get an early live selling audience or ways to make your Facebook live a success.  


There are plenty of resources to help you get started, so don’t fret! Give it a go, and if you are looking to level up your live selling, there’s always a live selling management tool to help you. Now go forth and conquer!

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