Live selling in different industries. Why does it work?

The world is your oyster, but so is social commerce. People are hopping onto Facebook (FB), and Instagram (IG) live platforms to satisfy their shopping impulses and needs for anything and everything. But what are people buying on social media? 


A social commerce report by iKala, a leading AI start-up company found that customers enjoy purchasing the following categories the most on social media. 

  1. Clothes, apparel, and accessories (71%) 
  2. Health and beauty (59%) 
  3. Electronic and appliances (53%)
  4. Household goods and homeware (52%) 
  5. Food and beverage (46%) 


Fig.1 ikala Southeast Asia Social Commerce Report 2021


It’s little surprise why people are purchasing these items via FB Live and IG live. Convenience aside, the live element gives a personal touch while allowing customers to view these products up close and personal. 


But how does live selling exactly help sellers in these different categories, and why should they jump onto the live selling trend? We give you a breakdown of why sellers across different industries are live selling right now. 



Clothes, apparel, and accessories 


The best thing about live selling apparel and accessories? Sellers can wear the clothes or accessories to show customers how they all look like on someone. Fit and flow are some of customers’ immediate concerns about clothes, and seeing how they drape on someone helps them visualize it on themselves much better. Sellers can also share tips and tricks to style these pieces while describing the feel of the material on the spot. 



Health and beauty 


Whether it is a health supplement, exercise gadget, beauty face mask, or make-up product, live selling opens up many possibilities for sellers to describe and showcase the product. With make-up, customers can see the richness of the colors and how it looks on a person’s skin. Sellers can flex their beauty guru skills and describe the textures and feel of the products. More people are also getting more health-conscious and are looking at products to help them live healthier. Customer education is critical for health products, and that is why live selling can help sellers elaborate further and explain the benefits clearer.



Electronics and appliances 


People adore their gadgets. Better yet, they want to see how it works live. That’s why customers still prefer to check out electronic devices in stores before purchasing online (or even in stores). To bridge this gap, live sellers can host live demonstrations to showcase their electronics. Get into the nut and bolts of these gadgets, explain tech specifications and answer any questions (e.g., warranty, lifespan, post-purchase, customer service) customers may have about the electronics on the spot. 



Household goods and homeware


Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm. More people are decluttering their lives and scrolling through TikTok or Instagram Reels for home organization hacks. This is where live selling can be handy, allowing sellers to demonstrate their products in real-time. They can also share helpful tips with customers to help them optimize their space and home organization. Home organization involves lots of trial and error, and many customers appreciate any tips and tricks to try at home until they discover the best solution. 



Food and beverage 


Food makes the world go round, and live selling makes it go even faster. Many food and beverage sellers have found success with live selling because customers can see the products as-is, and sellers can describe their products in incredible detail. For example, sellers can describe if the frozen fish they have was flash-frozen for freshness, the weight and size, quantities left, and more. Limited quantities can also drive sales and encourage customers to snap up a good deal before it’s gone.



Why live sell now 


While the above industries are the more popular categories amongst customers, it doesn’t matter which industry you are from. Live selling is for any seller keen to expand their marketing channels, increase their customer base, and boost sales. 


Live sellers across any industry can agree that while live selling can be hard work, they also have all experienced success with it. Live selling’s immersive, interactive, and entertaining experience makes online shopping for customers engaging. So what are you waiting for? Make live selling an integral part of your business strategy today! 

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