How Live Selling Transforms Online Shopping for Women

To all the ladies, raise your hands if you’ve spent more time online shopping than your significant other. If you are guilty of that, you aren’t alone. In fact, 72% of women shop online compared to 68% of men. Women also spend a longer time online than their male peers, with the typical female internet user saying that she spends nearly 10½ hours online each day.


But online shopping has evolved. Live selling is gaining popularity across the globe and changing the way we shop online. Customers are increasingly turning to live selling sessions to satiate their online shopping needs.


With live selling changing the way we shop online, how could this impact the way women shop? What are their motivations? Why should women also start live selling?


We give you a quick overview of the live selling phenomenon and shed some light on why women are jumping onto live selling sessions to shop online or sell.


Online shopping, it is more than just convenience


Let’s talk a bit about online shopping first. We all clearly value and recognize the convenience of online shopping, but it’s more than getting our packages delivered right to our doorstep. It’s the ability to compare prices, have a wider selection of products, and even shop worldwide.


To sweeten the deal, many brands and sellers also provide additional promotions and discounts to entice online shoppers. That is why online shopping continues to be the preferred choice over brick-and-mortar stores.


Changing the game of online shopping


However, standard online shopping lacks emotional connection and instant interaction with sellers. That’s where live selling comes into the picture. Live selling not only allows customers to enjoy the usual online shopping perks, but they can also ask questions about the product in real-time and have an up-close look at all the products. The instant emotional connection and interaction is something women buyers tend to appreciate.


Live sellers also price their products competitively to ensure customers get bang for their buck and who can say no to a good bargain! But the most exciting part of live selling is the entertainment value, and engagement customers get out of it. There are games and lucky draws that can give you free products and attractive discounts, live polls, and even auctions to take things up a notch.


Finding unique products


What sets many live sellers apart from online stores is the unique products they sell. Many of the products live sellers hawk are specially sourced and curated for their customers. As customers get acquainted with the live seller, they also begin to trust the level of service the live seller provides and the quality of the products. With jewelry and clothes, women buyers keep coming back to a handful of live sellers as they know that these products are specially tailored to their preferences.


Women are better at selling than men


We have talked at length about how women are shopping online through live selling. How about selling? Women make fine live sellers, and we can attribute this to a couple of reasons.

  • A good listening ear

Women naturally (and scientifically) display more empathy than men and are good listeners. Listening is fundamental in sales. 74% of customers are more likely to purchase something if they perceive that they are being listened to. Through listening, salespeople can understand and directly address customers’ needs and concerns. A listening ear effectively builds rapport and loyalty with customers as live sellers would have demonstrated that they have their customers’ best interests at heart.


  • Exercising emotional awareness and understanding

Self-awareness is critical in regulating emotions and keeping their actions in check. Women tend to be good at it. Many salespeople buckle under the pressure and resort to counterproductive behaviors when faced with challenging circumstances. Knowing when to push and pull allows salespersons to regulate their emotions and keep themselves in check. This means that if customers burst into a fury of madness, women are less likely to retaliate and approach the situation with emotional awareness.


Whether you are on the buying side or on the sales side, women have much to gain from live selling. But it’s not just women, everyone, regardless of their gender, can benefit from the live selling phenomenon. Don’t hesitate and simply check out live selling session if you are curious!

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