Why You Should Start Live Selling in 2022

Live selling has been on an upward trend for awhile now. While we’re well into 2022, it’s never too late to try out it for your small business or side hustle.


There are many benefits to live selling, especially if you are a small business.


Content creators and big brands such as L’Oreal have been selling via livestreams on Facebook and Instagram for a while now, and there are many reasons why they do. If you’re still having doubts, here are four reasons why you should get started.


The only trend for live selling is up
People are increasingly online shopping on social media platforms. EMarketer predicts social commerce will be an $80 billion industry by 2025.


The pandemic has changed the way we shop. Increased social media consumption and stay-at-home work arrangements have given rise to social shopping. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have in-app shopping solutions, including live video, and are working to introduce even more features to meet rising demand.


You don’t need a lot of capital to start.
Live selling is a low-risk way to start your small business as it requires little start-up cost. All you need are the following to start.
● Good light and a tripod stand. You can easily buy a selfie light ring with a tripod stand off any e-commerce platform
● Stable internet connection
● A reliable smart mobile phone with a decent camera


The list above is non-exhaustive, but they are the basics to get you going. You can also start live selling anywhere. It could be at your office, shop, or in the comfort of your home.


Consider an affordable live selling software if you are looking to boost the customer experience further without breaking the bank and hiring help. A trusty software can help you automate the process, capturing comments as orders, managing your inventory, and providing your customers with many trusted payment options.


Engage your customers to create meaningful customer relationships
Hosting live selling sessions makes your brand more personal, and you can cultivate meaningful customer relationships. After a few live sessions, customers become familiar with your style, content, brand, and products. They begin to look forward to your live streams and tune in regularly to buy from you. It also helps you build a sense of trust, familiarity, and loyalty with your customers. From there, you will begin to build a following.


Live selling on Facebook live or Instagram live is exceptionally entertaining and interactive. Customers can comment about the products, ask questions, and even express their support through live emojis. You can immediately answer questions in the comments to address any concerns and even make it more interactive by hosting auctions, polls, or games during the live session.


If you are just starting and have no following at all, try joining Telegram groups or Facebook groups to promote your brand and live stream. We also share more tips here to help you get an early live audience.


It’s a proven channel to increase sales
Live selling is a proven way to skyrocket your sales. It is shown to have a 45 percent increase in sales opportunities compared to traditional marketing methods. Why is it so effective? That’s because you are shortening the entire customer shopping experience into a single session. Customers can discover, ask questions instantly, and purchase all at once without ever leaving the app.


Big brands like Sephora have realized the power of live selling too. Instead of pouring a lot of resources into an expensive marketing campaign, they conduct a series of live selling sessions (sometimes with influencers) to boost sales instantly. There is no reason for you to lose out on this opportunity as a small business. Find out more about why live selling is so different from other channels here.


Final words
Live selling will explode in the coming years. Businesses big and small will ramp up their livestream efforts because it is a proven and inexpensive way to boost sales and engage customers better.


Time to strike while the iron is hot! Give live selling a try and let Upmesh help you every step of the way. Book a demo now!

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